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EURODEFI Casa Sidi Marouf
77, bv Al Quods, Près de CasaNearShore Sidi Marouf 20.270 Casablanca – MAROC
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EURODEFI Casa Abdelmoumen
119, Bv Abdelmoumen – 20.360
Casablanca – MAROC
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Abdelaziz ARJI
- Graduate Chartered Accountant - CNAM Paris
- DESS Master degree audit and management control
- IAE Paris Sorbonne
- ISCAE, finance option
- Member of the Order :

Gsm : (00212) 661.42.61.17

- Chartered Accountant Memorialist
  Graduate of the French State (Paris)
- ISEG Toulouse
- IAE Toulouse

Gsm : (00212) 661.36.43.06

 KHADIJA 11 2010

Khadija RIHI

- Labour Law
- Payroll and Social

Tél : (00212) 522.58.48.69

EURODEFI  is an accounting practice and an auditing practice.
After a 12 years experiment in Europe, EURODEFI was founded in 2000 with in Casablanca in Morocco by a team of experts with the objectives of providing assistance, advice and audit in the areas of accounting,

tax, labour legislation, legal, business organisation and management for small and medium sized businesses operating in the international businesses.

What can we do for you and your business development in Morocco?
EURODEFI  has 20 years of experience in the international accountancy business, especially in the fields:

  • Assistance to foreign companies on the creation of enterprises in Morocco (branch, closed corporation, associated companies etc.)
  • Consultancy for moroccan Export-companies
  • Controlling, fiscality and consolidation of international groups
  • Audit and evaluation of companies
  • M&A
  • International conventions concerning Tax and Social Security

We are chartered accounts and auditors, 25 staff members , specialized in giving technical support to foreign enterprises. We know the moroccan market, moroccan administration and the needs of foreign investors.

We care about your problems - and about the quality of our performance!

The Certified Public Accountant fulfills several missions:


The legal and economic environment impose important accounting and legal obligations on all commercial and industrial enterprises, whatever their size. These obligations apply, irrespective of the scale of their operations, whether they are major industrial, commercial, agricultural concerns or merely operating on an artisanal basis. These obligations also apply with equal vigour to those persons engaged in one of the liberal professions, whatever their size of operation.
They require the assistance of a reliable, experienced and independent counsellor: a certified public accountant. For his clients he installs, follows up, checks, certifies, and audits the accounts of his clients. Drawing on his professional expertise he can provide advice on the price to offer to acquire shares in a business for sale, as well as the preparation of a valuation for the transmission of a company.
It should be stressed that the Certified Public Accountant has a professional obligation to undertake, under the supervision of the relevant professional bodies, an annual programme of continuing professional education ("CPE"). These bodies ensure that the appropriate courses are made available to their members, with some of the most renowned experts in the relevant fields.

Participation in the preparation of accounting documents

  • Setting up an accounting system adapted to the organisation and its requirements
  • Supervision of the book - keeping operations
  • Supervision of the accounts department
  • Installation and supervision of the evolution of the management accounting system
  • Preparation of periodic statements, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
  • Installation of the system necessary for the preparation of group accounts: consolidated balance sheets accompanied with the relevant consolidated profit and loss accounts
  • Preparation of cash-flow statements
  • Assistance in preparing accounting based information for the Works Council
  • Help and advice covering all areas of accountancy

Audit and Certification of accounts

  • Contractual audit of the accounts Audit and evaluation of internal control procedures
  • Investigation and audit prior to an acquisition/investment
  • Investigation and reporting as a prelude to introduction of a company to the stock exchange
  • Legal audit of the accounts


  • Valuation of companies prior to the following types of operations concerning shares: disposals, transfer of assets and liabilities from one company to another, inheritance, distributions (of property), donations
  • Valuation of partnership interests

Special Assignments involving Valuation Expertise

  • Valuations required for various operations: notably partnership dissolution, inheritance (for tax purposes), gifts and donations
  • Arbitration


By virtue of his experience in dealing with both management and staff allied to his sound knowledge of the business environment, the certified public accountant can furnish a high level of management expertise involving the conception and installation of the appropriate administrative, accounting and sales facilities of the company.

Advice on general organisational matters

  • Assistance with the definition of general policies
  • Preparation of the Organisation chart, structure and responsibilities
  • Preparation of Job Descriptions
  • Analysis of procedures and internal control systems
  • Assistance and advice to general management
  • Assistance in the management of the human resources function
  • Advice on policy and quality control Assistance and advice with relocation, setting up, grouping of companies, diversification;

Advice on administrative organisation

  • Inter-department liaison, circulation of documents and information
  • Computerisation of operations, choice of equipment and programs
  • Assistance with recruiting and human resources management
  • Analysis and organisation of internal circuits of information flow

Advice relative to selling activities

  • Assistance with the definition of sales policy and the sales organisation
  • Review of selling prices
  • Development of Export Sales policy
  • Preparation of sales statistics


Mastery of the company\'s accounting data base and information system means that the certified public accountant is in a position to advise general managers on systems of analysis, assist in making the right choice for the company and in the resolution of management problems.

Advice on general management

  • Preparation of Budgets and Financial Management tools
  • Analysis in terms of costs and profitability
  • Preparation and assessment of investment plans: cost and profitability
  • Preparation of the organisational chart and relating budgetary control to this structure
  • Protection and safeguarding company assets
  • Optimisation of results
  • Development, preparation and interpretation of significant management ratios
  • Assistance with problem solving generally
  • Assistance in identifying of potential problems and proposing a solution

Advice on financial management

  • Analysis of financial management and profitability of invested capital
  • Development, preparation and interpretation of significant financial ratios
  • Analysis and advice on the management of working capital requirements
  • Systems for management concerning customer credit, leasing, factoring policies
  • Practical aid with acquisitions (research, identification of potential targets, assistance with the preparation and the realisation of acquisition strategies)
  • Preparation of demands for subsidies exemption from various other legal obligations
  • Preparation of demands for exemption from certain legal obligations.
  • Analysis of the impact on international cash flow.

Contacts with banking and investment organisations

  • Preparation of request for finance relative to the creation and setting-up of companies
  • Analysis of the proposed financial structure
  • Preparation of cash flow projections
  • Development of short and long term investment plans
  • Assistance in the choice of methods of financing and preparation for demands for financial assistance
  • Source and application of funds (review and projections) Balance sheet centre.


Capability for supplying practical advice in the domains of accountancy, tax and company law, the certified public accountant assists company general managers to find the best legal and tax solutions, all within the framework of the accountancy assignment agreed with him.

Business law

  • Assistance with the preparation and interpretation of contracts and leases
  • Help with understanding and implementing legislation relating to contracts
  • Assistance in understanding, interpreting and applying legislation on selling prices
  • Providing the necessary advice to avoid prosecution under the French Criminal Code in its application to business affairs

Company Law

  • Choice of legal approach to a problem
  • Realisation of all operations (incorporation, increase of capital, disposal of units or shares, mergers, transformations, splitting up of company activities, winding - up companies).
  • Assistance with legal formalities: preparation of reports for meetings of directors and shareholders as well as taking care of all related formalities, notably filing with the local Tribunal de Commerce
  • Group structures and international legal structures
  • Advice on company transfers

Advice in the domain of company law and the individual

  • Inheritance laws
  • Contingency fund for company Chairman and Managing Directors
  • Transmission of companies and other business organisations

Tax law

  • Research, consultations and follow-up of tax problems
  • Assistance in the completion of the company\'s various tax declarations:
    • Direct taxes
    • Value added tax (V.A.T.) and similar taxes
    • property taxes
    • taxes relative to the change of ownership ( stamp duties, registration taxes, etc )
    • Custom Duties
    • Other taxation
  • Assistance to the taxpayer undergoing a tax audit
  • Preparation of demands for tax exemption.


Through his knowledge and experience in the domain of labour law ( which he has a professional obligation to constantly up-date ) the certified public accountant assists the company general management in finding solutions to problems in the area of labour law, disputes with employees, and management of personnel.

Labour law

  • Application of the law and labour regulations
  • Consultation on the specific problems of labour law
  • Study, analyse and draw-up employment contracts
  • Solution of redundancy problems
  • Problems arising in dealings with employee representatives: trade union delegates, works council, trade union law
  • Training schemes.

Specific problems arising with employees

  • Consultation on specific problems relative to social security and other matters avising with personnel (management retirement schemes, additional health insurance...)
  • Preparation of salary slips and set up salary accounting system 
    Completion of the relevant declarations arising from employment of personnel
  • Assistance in dealing with the Social Security Administration and Employment Inspectors visits

Preparation of the annual statement required to meet obligations under the labour laws

  • Study and set-up of systems to prepare this document
  • Audit